Rua Prof. Gomes Teixeira, 19C
1350-264 Lisboa
+351 213 619 470
We are a production service company in Lisbon serving clients from all over the world for their filming in Portugal and Beyond.
It all started rather modestly back in 1993, when we were asked by friends to help out on music video shoots. From there it grew and over the years we've worked on countless commercials and music videos as well as being involved in the production of TV series, documentaries, short and feature films, and organizing stills shoots.
We can therefore say with some confidence that we have the experience, the knowledge and the network required to deliver a smooth-running production for the most demanding directors. That's our commitment!
Our production teams and technical crews are multi-lingual, experienced and close-knit. Our approach is positive and calm but efficient; we leave no stone unturned to achieve excellence. And we do it with a smile because we love what we do.
“Check, double-check and then check again” – that’s the mantra that our team members are taught to always bear in mind.
With offices in Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro we also provide our services in neighbouring Spain and across the south Atlantic in Brazil.
Welcome to SouthWest Productions for all your filming in Portugal... and beyond
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